Finished Logo; First Album Info Posted!

Hello everyone,

'Z' here again: Tonight I attended another priestie boyz band practice, and not only did they sound great, but I also had some time to spruce up the website and finish designing the first CD cover.

You can see the CD cover and the titles of a few of the songs that will be on the CD on the 'music' page. Also, check out the new priestie boyz logo on the home page; it is much more refined than the old one (but we're still open to suggestions).

Recording will commence as soon as we can wrap up a few more songs and get all the equipment we need together. In the mean time, Crossroads is coming up, and we're anticipating a great time there!


Blogger JVD said...

That's really cool that you guys are going to play at Crossroads! I wish I could go, but I have plane tickets to visit my future Sisters in Birmingham.

Alyssa Nunes sang your version of Open the Eyes of my Heart. I LOVED it!

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Moochie said...

Sa. Weet! Can't wait for the CD!

9:48 PM  

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