Power Failure

The power went out at the seminary tonight. I just thought I'd let y'all know that. What a storm, eh?

On an actually somewhat important note, the live recording from the Crossroads Music Festival will be sent to us soon. There's some technical difficulties, but as soon as we receive it maybe we can post some of the songs up so you can actually hear what we sound like.

Also, as soon as we scrape up enough money to make another t-shirt order, we will open an online store. We have some other ideas, too, like hoodies, bumper stickers, etc. Once again, if you submit an idea for merchandise and we use it, you get one free! (Sorry, we will not make cars!) So tell all your friends. No, really, we actually are a band, and we will have an album out soon. I promise.



Okay, so we just got back from the Crossroads Music Festival, and we had a blast! It was a lot of fun, and for those of us who hadn't been before it was a good experience to meet some other people on the local and national Catholic music scene. I enjoyed seeing the other bands and artists play, and I think we put on a good show, too. We all felt pretty confident, and came away satisfied, yet with ideas on where to improve. Now it's time to just relax for a while, catch up on homework, and forget about playing for a week or two. Then we can start working on our album!

We have some pictures from the event on the pictures page, and we'll be posting a song from the show for you to download as soon as we can get the recording of it. We're really looking forward to working on our Lost In Ecstasy CD over the next few months.

For those of you who were there, thanks for cheering for us and the other bands! If you weren't able to buy a shirt or would like more merchandise, keep checking back on the website; we'll set up a store here soon enough. For those of you who weren't there, we now have a shirt design out, so keep looking for it on the website! Oh and if you have any ideas for shirt designs, please let us know at priestieboyz@yahoo.com. If we use your idea, you get a free shirt!

God Bless you all; may you find your vocation in life. Remember to pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament often. Keep praying for us as we discern God's call in our lives as well.


Leaving Shortly; New T-Shirts!!!

Today the Priestie Boyz will be leaving for the Crossroads Music Festival; please pray for our safe travels. We will be playing a little after 12:00 noon tomorrow, and we will have vocations material and Priestie Boyz Tee Shirts (more on that after the concert!) for sale at the concert. Please come and support us if you can!


Priestie Boyz Desktop Picture

Hello PB fans!

I have posted a desktop picture for Mac or PC that you may download and freely use as a computer background. You can either browse to it on the pictures page, or right click (control click on Mac) here to download it.

Download the Priestie Boyz Desktop Picture

Also, we will be making some bumper stickers and possibly some other cool things to sell or give away at Crossroads and other events. If you have any ideas for some cool gear that you'd like, let us know via the comments section under this post!


Pictures Posted; Crossroads on September 24

Hello again; it's me, Z!

Tonight I posted a few pictures from the most recent band practice (unfortunately, Brian wasn't present... but I'll make sure there's a picture of him soon enough!), and some information about the Crossroads Music Festival. This year's Crossroads will be held from Friday-Sunday, September 23-25 at the Eagle Hurst Ranch in Steelville, MO. Tickets are still available ($35 each), and you can register online. We'll be there with a few special prizes, and you can listen to some of the songs which will be on our upcoming "Lost in Ecstacy" album.


Z Has New Camera; Pictures Soon to Come

I, 'Z' (a.k.a. 'Jeff' or 'The Sound Guy'), have finally acquired a replacement digital camera for the one I broke a few weeks ago at World Youth Day in Germany, so I will soon be posting a few pictures of the priestie boyz on the site.

We're all very excited about the upcoming Crossroads music festival, as well as recording our first album!


Finished Logo; First Album Info Posted!

Hello everyone,

'Z' here again: Tonight I attended another priestie boyz band practice, and not only did they sound great, but I also had some time to spruce up the website and finish designing the first CD cover.

You can see the CD cover and the titles of a few of the songs that will be on the CD on the 'music' page. Also, check out the new priestie boyz logo on the home page; it is much more refined than the old one (but we're still open to suggestions).

Recording will commence as soon as we can wrap up a few more songs and get all the equipment we need together. In the mean time, Crossroads is coming up, and we're anticipating a great time there!