Recording has begun!

Okay, the long awaited grueling ritual of recording our first album has finally begun! We are in the first stages right now, but at least it's a start! So far Jeff and I (with the technical advice of D. Mike) have been recording rough tracks of me and my guitar as a guide for the other guys to go by. It doesn't sound all that great (I've gotta work on my "mouse voice") but Jeff's gonna do what he can to make it sound good. So far we have done rough tracks of seven songs (this is just random order, not the album order yet):

1) Cor
2) Little Things with Great Love
3) Lord Jesus Come
4) Mother, Forgive Me
5) Proelium Angelorum
6) Violent Attacks
7) Lost in Ecstasy

We're also working on Falling in Love, Simple Jewish Girl, Back to You, and another one which doesn't have a title yet. Our goal is twelve songs for an album, but this is obviously only eleven. We'll either leave it at that, or write another one really quick!

Keep us in your prayers as we continue to work on recording! Within a few weeks we should have some clips on the website, but obviously nothing final for a while. We'll keep you updated. Peace.


Fall Break; then Recording... also, T-Shirts for Sale

Now that mid-term exam week is over, the priestie boyz are breathing a sigh of relief and gearing up for recording (literally). We have set up a new sound system for practicing, allowing Anthony to belt out his lyrics loud enough for the other band members to hear, and we now have all the parts in place to start recording the different parts of the songs.

This process (recording) will probably take about a month (maybe a little more), and after that it will take some more time to do the 'mastering' (getting the individual songs ready for duplication on a CD, and possibly via other media...). Please pray that all goes well and we don't have some crazy problems (like all the recorded sound files being deleted).

We will post some samples as soon as we get them ready—I promise!

Now, about those T-Shirts.

We have 7 T-shirts ready to be sold to whomever would like them, in sizes of Medium, Large and X-Large. The shirts are $12 each (plus $3 shipping), and I've attached a picture below:

If you're interested, email us and we'll let you know how to order them.