The Site Has Moved! (Check it out)

Hello all! It's been quite a while since we've last checked in... but I hope the changes to the new site are worth it.

We posted the lyrics to every song we have on our CD on the CD info page, and we also posted an interview with Jeff Geerling, the CD's producer, on how he recorded and made the CD. We also moved everything to a new (and hopefully faster/better) web server!

Other news: Our CDs will soon be sold on the St. Louis OYM website, and at the Steubenville Mid-America conferences this summer!


Blogger mauricio said...

hello guys. congratulations for your songs. i liked them very much.
my name is mauricio and i am from brazil. i loved your songs e i´m very happy to know this band is catholic. i am catholic too and i be still happier to know you are seminarists. congratulations for this iniciative e god bless you all.

lovely, mauricio

ps: i´m sorry if my english is wrong. i wanna you can at least understand it. stay with god!

5:31 PM  

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