At Couch Potatoes 2006!!!

The Priestie Boyz have played in two shows this weekend, and have one more to go (later tonight)! I have posted a few pictures on my Seminary Pictures page, and I will be posting some of the audio from the show on the site sooner rather than later (I hope!). In the meantime, here's one of the pictures:



New Music Previews Posted!

Even though recording won't be finished until after the Variety show (next weekend), I decided to post previews of the songs 'Cor,' 'Violent Attacks,' and 'In Your Glory' on the music page.

These are still not final versions of the songs, but they're getting closer! Please pray that we may be able to get through the rest of the songs quickly and sooner rather than later. We hope to have the CD out soon!

-Z (Jeff)