Sound Clip Posted

Hello again!

I posted a short (30 second) instrumental clip from one of our upcoming songs, Violent Attacks on our Music page. Note that this clip is not finalized in any way, and is only being released as a small sample of what is to come.

Because of exams and papers that are due, I haven't had time to do much else, so bear with us as we head into our winter break here at the Seminary. Recording will resume next weekend!


Recording in Earnest; Things are Looking Bright

We recorded the song 'Violent Attacks' yesterday, and it sounded awesome! It looks like we'll be setting up a few more recording sessions in the next few weeks, and we should be finished with the actual recording sometime during Christmas Break. After that, we will take the recorded audio and make it sound perfect and 'fit for a CD.'

I will post some video footage, but not as soon as I originally hoped; I have been overwhelmed by homework lately, and I won't have very much time in the next two weeks to work on that (sorry!).