Hey guys, this is my first official blog. As all of our faithful fans know, I am the guitarist/lead vocalist. I will try to regularly post updates on what the band is doing, when we're (finally) putting out our first cd, etc. As for now:

We are currently putting together a studio inside the seminary. We're working on soundproofing right now, because the room is just an old jamming session room with concrete walls. It probably used to be just storage for maintenance equipment.

All our songs are written; we just need more practice to get our parts together. In fact, we have more songs than can fit on one album, so it's time to pick the ones we play the best and like the best. This is better, because now the songs we put on the album we can be sure of, and put aside the ones we're unsure about.

Well, that's about all for now. Like I said, I (or someone else) will keep you all update. Feel free to e-mail for questions: priestieboyz@yahoo.com. Or join the blog!

Peace in Christ,


This is the First Post

Hello world.

This is the first post on the priestie boyz blog. Posted on June 2, 2005, by Jeff Geerling, a.k.a. 'Z,' a.k.a. 'Sound guy,' a.k.a. 'Website guy.' May this blog be used for much good in it's day. You can check out Jeff's blog here.