Pictures Posted; Video to Follow

I just finished posting a photo album of the pictures form Canapalooza (click here to see it).

Some video clips will be posted within the week/weekend (when I get a few minutes...).



Priestie Boyz 1st at Canapalooza!

A special thanks to all our fans who showed up to support us during Saint Louis University's Canapalooza! We placed first in the talent show, put on by the Student Activities Board at SLU, and had a heck of a time doing it!

We were planning on recording the audio from the mixer during the show, but I (Z) forgot my adaptor cables, so we just have video; don't fret, though—I will be posting some of the clips (as well as some pictures) on the website as soon as I get some spare time. I'll keep you posted.

Recording is still 'a happening thing,' we just need to be patient and find more time to work on the songs!


New Bassist, Playing Live Again

Okay, quite a bit has happened lately. First, Brian decided to take some time off away from the Priestie Boyz, which is understandable. We are sad to see him go, but we're also excited to welcome First Year theologian Christian Malewski as our new bassist. He seems to be learning the songs pretty quickly and really enjoys playing with us.

As for our next live performance, some of you college folks might be interested that we're playing at Saint Louis University next Monday, November 14th in Salsarita's. There is a food drive going on at SLU the next few days, and that night there will be a sort of "talent show" where people with different interests can come show their stuff. Spectators can then donate cans in the name of a performer that they like, so it's a fun way to donate! Come hear us play and donate some food!