New Song Previews on Music Page

I've just finished posting a few new song previews on the Music page. As I've said before, we're very close to finishing the recording, and here are some of the fruits of our labor. I've made better quality MP3s this time (128 kbps, as opposed to 96 kbps before) so you can hear the songs with a bit more clarity.

I'm really looking forward to finishing this album, and, while I don't want to promise the sky, I think we will have copies for distribution within one month!


Album Status

We're in the home stretch! There are only a few more tracks to record, and we'll be finished. The rest of the process should only take a few more weeks, and then we'll be able to distribute the songs. Please pray that the rest of the process goes well and that we can finish up our academic year well.

Since today is Divine Mercy Sunday, we pray, "Jesus, I trust in You!"