Pictures Posted; Crossroads on September 24

Hello again; it's me, Z!

Tonight I posted a few pictures from the most recent band practice (unfortunately, Brian wasn't present... but I'll make sure there's a picture of him soon enough!), and some information about the Crossroads Music Festival. This year's Crossroads will be held from Friday-Sunday, September 23-25 at the Eagle Hurst Ranch in Steelville, MO. Tickets are still available ($35 each), and you can register online. We'll be there with a few special prizes, and you can listen to some of the songs which will be on our upcoming "Lost in Ecstacy" album.


Anonymous fallon (jeff i forget my blog name, etc). said...

Yeah sorry, folks, I was fulfilling my duty as faithful Fallon cousin in Cleveland. Congrats to my cousin, Thomas, and his wife, Bridgette.

I play bass?

4:25 PM  
Blogger Priestie Boyz said...

Brian, Brian, Brian. Oh, well; at least there are some pictures with you in them now :-)

We'll have to go over how to get you set up with this 'Blogger thingie.'

1:02 PM  

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