The Site Has Moved! (Check it out)

Hello all! It's been quite a while since we've last checked in... but I hope the changes to the new site are worth it.

We posted the lyrics to every song we have on our CD on the CD info page, and we also posted an interview with Jeff Geerling, the CD's producer, on how he recorded and made the CD. We also moved everything to a new (and hopefully faster/better) web server!

Other news: Our CDs will soon be sold on the St. Louis OYM website, and at the Steubenville Mid-America conferences this summer!


Leaving for Memphis, TN!

Later today, the Priestie Boyz will be setting off for Memphis, TN for a youth conference. Please pray that we may help inspire the youth attending the conference to become more attuned to their faith through our music and witness!

Because of seminary obligations, some of the members will not be going; however, D. Mike, Christian, and Derrick will proudly perform the songs while the rest of the band say a few prayers for them.


P.S. We should be able to post the songs' lyrics (and some other interesting stuff) on the website within the next few weeks! Check back again for more information.


Priestie Boyz At It Again!

The Priestie Boyz will be playing live in concert twice before summer! We've started practicing (as evidenced by the picture of Christian playing his bass tonight, below), and we're hoping for an awesome time as we will be playing at a youth conference in Memphis, TN, and at the Seminary's annual variety show for the third year in a row.


Archbishop Burke Listens to the Priestie Boyz on His iPod

According to this post from the Reap Team (in St. Louis), Archbishop Burke has an iPod loaded up with music from many local artists, including the Priestie Boyz! I hear he commented favorably about our song Lost In Ecstasy.

If it's good enough for the Archbishop, it's good enough for you! Go pick up a copy today, from our Music page.


CD Available at Catholic Supply in St. Louis!

The Priestie Boyz album Lost in Ecstasy is now available for purchase at the Catholic Supply store on the corner of Chippewa and Jamieson in South St. Louis—go to the store and pick up your copy today! (Visit Catholic Supply's website for driving directions).


Priestie Boyz on iTunes!

The Priestie Boyz' CD Lost in Ecstasy is up for sale on the iTunes Store. You can download songs individually for $0.99/each or buy the album for $7.92 (alternatively, you can purchase a real CD from CD Baby for $10).

Click here to see the album on iTunes, or check out our Music page for more information!

-Jeff (a.k.a. 'Z')

P.S. Check out the reviews on CD Baby - and leave your own album review on iTunes and CD Baby for others to see!


CDs for $10 at Crossroads Music Festival!

This weekend, the Priestie Boyz CD Lost in Ecstasy will be available for a special price of $10 at the Crossroads Music Festival in Steelville, MO. More information is available on the Crossroads Festival website.


Thank You for Your Support!

We'd like to thank anyone who's purchased a CD so far! We've received a lot of positive feedback through other people's blogs, and we're working on having more than one way for you to purchase the music (i.e. iTunes, retail, etc.).

So far, the album's been mentioned in the following places (we'll add your blog/pocast/website here if you mention our CD):

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Lost in Ecstasy Album Released

It is here.

The Priestie Boyz' album, Lost in Ecstasy, has finally been released for worldwide sale. You can preview and order it here, and you can read our press release and see other press/media information on our media/press kit page.

We will be posting any more news updates on this blog, but for the time being, please go and buy the CD - we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it! If you have any questions, ask them here!


Very Close...

The countdown has begun. There are only a few days left until you will be able to purchase our CD online and in-person in St. Louis! We'll let you know as soon as this happens - stay tuned!

Be sure to check out the songs on our Music page.